Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And You Thought Pulp Writers Had A Hard Time Getting Paid

This is a letter from John O'Hara to the editor of THE NEW YORKER, Harold Ross, in 1939.
The note at the bottom says: "O'Hara is the highest paid author on a word basis."

This photo appears on the dustjacket of "ABOUT TOWN: The NEW YORKER and the World It Made," by Ben Yagoda, published in 2000 by Scribner. A history of THE NEW YORKER which I can't wait to read.

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Walker Martin said...

I like John O'Hara alot, especially his novelets and shorter fiction. The long novels always seemed too long and not as well crafted as the shorter work.

He made alot of money at the New Yorker but fell out with them and stopped writing for the magazine for about 10 years in the fifties. But he returned during the last decade of his life in the sixties and wrote some of his best stories.

He was great with dialog and writing about well to do characters.

darwination said...